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Your life is a reflection of your consciousness, energy and vibration.
Spiritual Response Therapy: Spiritual Healing through The Law of Attraction!

Spiritual Response Therapy is a powerful form of spiritual healing to heal self-limitation, for spiritual growth, and transformation which will transform your life into a joyful experience. Start attracting your heart's desires by eliminating the old thought forms and belief systems that have been a pattern in your life. If you have seen the movie, The Secret which reveals the most powerful law in the universe, then you know what this law is about. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. Your thoughtforms and belief systems are held in your energy field which is your spirit, emitting a frequency to the Universe which signals similar thoughtforms and belief systems to come to you in the form of people and relationships, situations and experiences. If you are not familiar with The Secret, watch the first 20 minutes of this global film phenomenon.

As a result of your Spiritual Response Therapy clearing, you will consciously utilize the Law of Attraction because your energy field will be attracting higher frequency experiences, people and situations to you. Your light will shine through; your thoughtforms will be healed and transformation will occur. This is spiritual healing that is effective in producing positive change in you and your universe. Spiritual Response Therapy is powerful spiritual healing and energy healing which releases hidden blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth - and the spirit's response is immediate healing and transformation. No other therapy works as quickly and efficiently as Spiritual Response Therapy.

Spiritual Response Therapy can help your business succeed and thrive!

We are meant to thrive in our relationships, our businesses and in every aspect of our life. If you would like to consistently attract perfect customers for your business, business partners and relationships in general will benefit from your SRT clearing. With SRT, competition becomes an outdated model of business operation; there are more than enough customers who are seeking your expertise. Lack is an illusion believed in. Self-limitation and self-punishment are unconscious energies which can be transformed into empowerment and your highest potential.Spiritual Response Therapy will empower you to attract more customers from a place of abundance which supports all of life rather than coming from a place of fear and scarcity. Heal your business now.

Spiritual Response Therapy can transform your personal life into your highest potential!

Improve your life so that you can live the life of your dreams instead of just dreaming about how your life could be. Every human being has the ability to transform any weakness into strength; the bible states that "our greatest weakness will be our greatest strength". Negative belief patterns and thoughtforms are like strong radio beams that send a signal to everyone you meet. Have you ever sensed anger when you walked into a room? Sometimes we are not aware of these thoughtforms so a clearing can transform these energies into harmonious frequencies and as a result, you feel lighter, your energy field is brighter, and you attract more pleasurable experiences. Is it time for you to love your life? Heal your life now.

Through SRT, your awareness will expand so that you are more present and conscious in your life than ever before. You will experience a situation and know that you can now make a different choice in how you react or empower yourself in the present moment. You will experience more energy since negative belief systems are a heavy load of energy which can weigh you down, literally. You will also experience more peace within yourself. Magic and synchronicity will unfold and appear in your life.

My passion and mission is to help you transform your life into a positive experience which empowers you through spiritual healing with Spiritual Response Therapy. I love helping people and hearing about the miracles and magic you are experiencing as a result of your spiritual clearing. When you raise your consciousness, you empower others to also expand their consciousness.

Invest in yourself and your loved ones and live a happier, successful, exciting and joyful life filled with blessings - order your Spiritual Response Therapy clearing today!

The vision and mission of the Spiritual Response Association is:
"To support and promote the Universal Consciousness of Peace and Oneness by empowering every individual, who desires to become aware of his/her indwelling connection with Spirit, and to use that connection to bring about spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical heaing of self, community, and to bless all forms of life."

Today is the first day of the rest of your life — how do you want to "spend" it or do you want to create what brings you joy? We are on this planet to have fun, learn and grow, and that means loving the people in our lives as well as our experiences. If you aren't enjoying your life, Spiritual Response Therapy will educate your soul or spirit to recognize, release and clear the emotional programs and subconscious blocks causing imbalance, which frees your energy and Soul so that you can create and live the life of your dreams. Because our cells contain all the memories of all of our experiences, pleasant or not the ISSUE is in the T-ISSUE an SRT clearing affects every part of your being and the body's response is a vibrant energy field and vibrant health. Like energy attracts like energy.

"Energy blockages are perceptions of reality that cause one to become out of harmony with the Universe. When one is not in harmony, difficulties and frustrations occur that are stored in the mind. The mind encompasses all you are, as your essence exists in a thought-form that represents the reality of who and what you are. This thought-form is pure energy that can be shaped in any form of your choosing. Reality, which encompasses intellect, is the manifestation on the outside of what you believe on the inside. All vibrations, good and bad, are stored within this mind and your essence."

You can't solve a problem or change an issue with the same thought pattern or belief that created it. SRT identifies the origins of false beliefs, attitudes and perceptions which contribute to a self-limiting expression of life, and once exposed, is replaced with positive, life affirming energy or truth in the subconscious mind. Spiritual Response Therapy clears limiting self-definitions which creates emotions and energy that lower one's vibration into the realm of fear, despair and depression. We attract to us what we emanate. All the goods things vibrate at a high rate which is where your dreams become your reality. After an SRT clearing, you will notice people and things fall away that don't match your vibration any longer.

The medical profession is becoming increasingly aware that the cellular structure of transplanted organs carry with them a memory content to a degree never before considered possible. After heart implants, food and music likes and dislikes sometimes change dramatically, a persons behavior can suddenly be modified, and recipients occasionally even use words they never spoke before. SRT is able to change the memory contained with the cell and the organs into a positive, life-enhancing memory. SRT is a powerful form of alternative healing or vibrational medicine.

What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

SRT is a powerful and exact form of spiritual healing. Everything, absolutely everything, that happens in our lives has a spiritual cause. Events on all other levels - mental, emotional and physical — are only effects. When we are struggling with any challenge, whether it be ill health, a lack of money, a lost job, difficult relationships, an accident, whatever, we need to look for the spiritual learning. SRT clears the blocks to receiving the answers. Transform your life: heal relationships, heal physical illness, heal mental illness, heal depression, release fear, heal trauma, heal abuse, clear allergies, increase confidence, increase self-love - its all possible with Spiritual Response Therapy!

Spiritual Response Therapy is a system of researching the subconscious mind and soul records (Akashic Records) to quickly find and release the discordant, limiting ideas and false beliefs and replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs. Spiritual Response Therapy provides an exacting, powerful, virtually painless and accurate way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives, thus enabling us to live our lives more freely. It will also clear, educate and release extra soul attachments as well as other entities which can cause blocks to your joy and manifest in a variety of ways. SRT is therapy for the soul which creates healing and life transformation.

By clearing yourself, you are helping to raise the vibration and consciousness of everyone on this planet. In this holographic universe in which we exist, each piece is a part of the whole; consciousness reaches out and touches all consciousness and the Universe responds by matching your higher vibration with people, places and events that match and support life itself. Make the choice to enhance your existence and consciousness as well as that of others.

Call me to make an appointment for your Spiritual Response Therapy consultation — 407.399.8562, or complete my contact form. Please include your name, birthdate and the issues you would like to be addressed.

Or you can leave it to the all-knowing Spirit / God / Universe / Love to identify and clear the appropriate programs.

Spiritual Response Therapy clearing can be done in person or over the phone or remotely (in absentia). This process is done energetically through Spirit, therefore, even though I am located in Orlando, Florida, you do not need to be present physically. The SRT process is facilitated by my High Self and my High Self Committee and, with permission, is received by your Soul and High Self and High Self Committee to your human self.

SRT Initial Clearing is now $111 which includes Spiritual Brain Repatterning and any follow-up work at no additional charge for 30 days; $66/half hour for future clearings after the initial 30 day period. You will receive a report detailing what was cleared. After your initial SRT clearing, you will also receive a general clearing for the next 30 days which clears world energies and accumulated energy picked up on a daily basis. By viewing this web site, you are receiving a General Clearing which clears the daily discord we are exposed to from interactions with people and the energetic vibration of world events, resulting in an overall feeling of relaxation and peacefulness - enjoy! You will also receive free follow-up work in the 30 day timeframe to address any programs that may surface as we peel the onion of your energy field. Afterwards, you can also invest in a General Clearing for 30 days for $30. As long as we are in human form, we will continue to face situations in which to choose how to react; this is how we learn and reclaim our power as masters in the physical realm. Take action and support your life now.

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