Three tips to avoid muscle soreness

Physical activity sessions cause muscle pain in sportsmen and women. This is known as muscle soreness. This pain can last up to 7 days. But the pain is often intense in the first few hours after your sports activity. How can you avoid muscle soreness? In the following you will find three tips to avoid muscle soreness.

Warm up before your physical activity

Whether you are a professional sportsman or not, warming up is very important before starting any sporting activity. In fact, it is an effective way to prepare the body to adapt to the activity. In order for the body to adapt, the warm-up should be done gradually to give your muscles the opportunity to be ready for the activity. If the warm-up is done properly, it will prevent you from getting sore. During your warm-up, you can do some stretching. These stretches allow you to engage every part of your body.

Stay well hydrated

The cells that make up the human body need water to function. So you need to stay hydrated if you don’t want to feel sore after a physical activity. To do this, you need to drink water before, during and after your physical activity. During the activity, you should drink water every 15 minutes. Hydration is therefore a way to avoid soreness.

Take a hot bath

You can also take a hot bath to prevent muscle pain. Indeed, after physical activity, you should take a hot bath. Heat is a key factor in muscle recovery. So, this bath will save you from aches and pains. But you should finish your bath with a cold shower.

In short, to avoid muscle soreness, you must take steps before and after physical activities. A good hot bath, good hydration or a good warm-up after physical activity will help to avoid muscle soreness.